Investors and 1031 Exchanges

“When it comes to tax-deferred exchanges, timing is everything. Once the Exchangor takes title to the replacement property, the exchange is completed. Subsequent improvements will not qualify for tax deferral, even if the funds come from the sale of the relinquished property.”

That’s just one important factor of a 1031 transaction. We, at New Dawn Title Group understand the delicate nature of these transactions. That’s why we partner with trusted and experienced 1031 Exchange accommodators to serve as the Qualified Intermediary necessary to consummate these transactions.

These accommodators are available to you through our office and will essentially serve as a “free” consulting service, advising and helping you analyze any potential exchange opportunity.

Additionally, these accommodators are available for the following:

1) Provide Education on how to recognize a 1031 opportunity – the sale of any non-owner occupied property (not primary residence) is a candidate.

2) Structure the transaction as a simultaneous or delayed exchange (typical) or more complex structures such as reverse and improvement transactions.

3) Set up the exchange account, provide all exchange documentation and work with us, as the escrow agent for the sale of purchase of properties.

4) Monitor the timelines for the exchange. Typical time line is 180 days – Day zero is the closing date; 45 days to identify potential replacement (purchase) properties; and another 135 days to actually close on an identified replacement property.

Interested in learning more about these tax deferred investment opportunities? Give us a call so we can explain more and connect you with resources we have to get you started.

* The information you are reading on this web site is general, so please don’t rely on it for legal, financial, or tax advice. Please consult with your own advisors before you participate in a business transaction.